Friday, March 13, 2009

Alexander's morning

Alexander's such an... interesting kid. First, we have this scenario. He had just gone to the bathroom and was taking a little long after I had heard the flush. This is never a good sign. So I go into the bathroom and am overwhelmed by the smell... of deodorant.

Me: Alexander, what are you doing?
A: I went poop. Then I put on some "odorant" to get rid of the stinky. Do I smell good?

A little later, I had layed out his clothes on his bed and gone into my room to get some laundry ready.
A: I want to get dressed in your room!
Me: Okay, bring your clothes in here.
A: Can you do it for me?
Me: No, I think you can do it yourself. I'm getting the laundry ready.
A: I can't do it. I'm too lazy.

Stinky and lazy. A fine catch for any lady. ;)

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