Friday, October 30, 2009

No-No Jack and the banana

"No-no Jack and the banana"

A cautionary tale about how toddlers are exasperating

One upon a time there was an adorable 2-year-old boy named No-no Jack. It was morning and No-no Jack was hungry. He spotted the perfect thing and immediately pointed it out to his mother. "Nana! Nana!" he said, gesturing towards the banana on the counter. His mother was happy to accommodate his request and promptly retrieved the banana for No-no Jack and began to peel it.

Alas, in her hurry to please her son, No-no Jack's mother forgot to first read the child's mind. How could she be so obtuse? Did she really think he would want the banana to be peeled?

No-no Jack wailed, "NO! NO!" and ran shrieking from the room. His mother waved the banana at him from the kitchen. "Don't you want the banana?" she asked. "NO! NO!" yelled the boy, creeping as far away from it as possible, as if it could actually harm him in it's half-peeled state.

The banana had been tainted. This was no longer the banana for him. Soon enough he calmed down and returned to the kitchen, got his mother's attention, and pointed to the other banana. "Nana! Nana!" he requested.


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Anonymous said...

::snort:: Y'know, it's bad enough when two-year-olds do this. It's when Yael does it now that I really want to bang my head against the wall.