Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Noah's Six Month Birthday

Noah, 6 months old
Kai, 6 months old
Jack, 6 months old
Alexander, 6 months old
Happy Half Birthday, Noah! You've had quite the interesting life already, spending about a third of your life in each of three different homes!

Noah is a lovey little baby. He prefers to be held most of the time and especially does not appreciate laying down. If he MUST be put down, he prefers to be in the sitting position, but still needs support to stay up for long. He always lights up when he sees a brother! My poor little guy needs to learn to sleep better, though! I am looking forward to my little cutie growing up, although I don't have to guess what he'll look like. At least for now, he looks almost exactly like Jack did. Pictures of them at the same age are distinguishable only by context.

Love you, Noah!

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Sharon Marie said...

My goodness, look at those lashes! Happy six months to your little guy!