Thursday, October 25, 2012

Watch Out, World!

Noah is on the move! He's had a big month of development. He can now sit up fairly well on his own, only falling over occasionally. He can also crawl with his belly off the floor, although sometimes he seems to forget and reverts to the army crawl. He can also put himself into the sitting position from laying. So these days I can just set him on the floor, he'll crawl to what he wants, and sit himself back up. The better mobility seems to have tempered his fussiness a bit; he is more content to play with toys on the floor without me for a few minutes at a time. He does still spend a lot of time on my back (sometimes my front) in the Ergo carrier or on my lap, but not all his time, so I think this is a nice change for both of us. Last but certainly not the least of his recent achievements, he can pull himself to standing and even "cruise" a little! I think we've got another early walker on our hands!
Oh, Mom, I'm just sitting here drooling. No worries.
Checking out the toys.
Anything good in the top?
Shoot, I don't even need both legs!

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