Monday, April 6, 2009

Early Easter Fun

We had a gorgeous weekend, and took advantage of it by doing some special early Easter activities. Once again we found an instance where language proves difficult for Alexander. On Saturday I told him that I was hard boiling eggs so that on Sunday we could dye them. He asked if Sunday was Easter. I said no, and he asked, "So we're just doing to dead the eggs tomorrow?" I tried to explain to him that "dye" is different than "die," but he made several other comments before we worked with the eggs that indicated he still thought we were planning to somehow kill them. I managed to refer to it as "coloring" the eggs for the rest of the weekend.
Here they are watching the color tablets fizz, and here are our finished products, displayed and being eaten.

We also took advantage of a Easter festival put on by a Church that meets at the nearby elementary school. They put on an event before Thanksgiving, too, at the lakeside pavilion, and these events are free to the community, and both times we have been warmly welcomed (and, surprisingly, not proselytized to in any way). Alexander and I went while Jack took his nap. There was free food, a moonbounce, and an Easter Egg hunt. Alexander collected the most eggs in his age group, so he won a chocolate cross. Everyone cheered for him and he was extremely exited to have "won." Later, he graciously shared some of his spoils with Jack.

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