Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recipe Contest

Yay! It's time for another contest! Why? Because I said so and, despite what my children think, I'm the boss (well, here I can be)! This time it's a recipe contest, as I am looking to broaden my dinner horizons. So, here are the "rules," should you like to call them that.

1. Dinner recipe, please.
2. Get it to me via E-mail by midnight April 30th. (If you don't have my E-mail address, just put your recipe in a comment and it will be E-mailed to me.)
3. My kids are not super picky, but the recipe should be somewhat kid-friendly.
4. I am not an expert chef. If there are lots of ingredients that I can't pronounce or that aren't sold at regular grocery stores, or if there is equipment needed that I don't have, or techniques that I don't know how to do and aren't explained, I will not test your recipe. I will be impressed by you, perhaps, but that doesn't win any prizes.
5. I will test those recipes that fit my wobbly parameters.
6. When I have all the submissions, I will let you all know how long it will take for me to test the recipes and come up with a winner.
7. I will post the winner's recipe, so obviously you should not share something that is your prized family secret.
8. I don't need to know the entrant personally, so if you're a "lurker," or if any of my regular readers want to pass this along to other good cooks, all the more fun for me! Everyone is welcome.
9. If your recipe is not original, that's fine, but please cite your source.
10. The PRIZE is a $10 gift card, likely to Starbucks, unless I know (or you tell me) that you don't go there, in which case we can come up with a substitute.
11. If I missed something, let me know. :)

Now, go. Look through your cookbook. E-mail me. Now. GO! ;)

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