Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greek Easter

I told you holidays last forever around here! Today we celebrated Easter #2: Greek Easter. Justin's cousin Margi hosted and we had a great time with some of the local family. We timed our kids perfectly, it seems, because Margi has a four-year-old son, Grant, and their other cousin Jessica has a one-year-old son, Hunter, so both of our boys have a built-in playmate at family gatherings. Alexander and Grant totally hit it off and got along perfectly. They even included the little ones by playing "follow the baby" for a while! It was great the see the little cousins all playing together.

We also enjoyed Greek favorites like souvlaki, lamb, spanikopita, stuffed grape leaves, feta and olives, and we learned the traditional art of egg fighting. Here, Jamey coaches Grant on how to properly hold the egg before "bumping" eggs with his Mommy (not sure why blogger insists on rotating that picture- if you have know, please clue me in). Whichever egg doesn't crack is the winner! Then it was Alexander and Grant's turn!

Happy Easter, again!

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