Friday, August 28, 2009


One of the few things that we know for sure that Jack likes is balloons. So, a couple of months ago I decided to try to learn to make balloon animals and creations so that I could do them at his approaching birthday party. I found a ton of how-to videos online and quickly had success making the basic hound dog (this picture is of my actual first attempt).

Justin got into it, too, and learned to do a bunch of animals himself. I now know how to make about 20 simple creations! It's actually quite easy and really fun. The other day my friend Petra gave me a how-to book and I added a few more to my repertoire, including the alien-eyeball hats sported here by my sons, and the SO easy octopus which was a huge hit. I also showed off my new-found skill at a recent MOMS Club "End-of-Summer Party," which has thus far been my only experience twisting balloons for kids other than my own. It was fairly amusing to me that out of the many choices I had laid out for them, 90% of the boys chose airplanes and 90% of the girls chose ladybugs. I hardly got to show off at all! Ah well, there will always be kids wanting balloon animals! I'm pretty sure I'll get another chance!


PopPop said...

We'll hire you as entertainment for the Geiger reunion next year...or at least the Christman reunion. Can you make an old lady out of balloons for Grandma's party?? (Just kidding about the balloon old lady.)

Becky said...

See, this is why I know we are meant to be friends! Our co-op did a class on balloon twisting last Spring and I loved it. I learned quite a few basic animals and a flower. I should get some more and practice again.

Kudos to you!