Monday, August 17, 2009

Keys Game

Saturday night we went to another great Keys game! The Keys lost, but we hardly noticed. Alexander was mostly excited to get his ice cream like last year, and to run the bases. Even Jack ran the bases this year. He was the smallest one that I saw! The most frightening part of the game was this Red Cross duck, Waddles. Really, I was scared.


PopPop2 said...

What, no photos of the boys running the bases?

I especially like how Waddles' "feet" are above his sandals.

Beth said...

I couldn't very well take a picture of the kids running the bases, because I was running WITH them! I held Jack's hand, and Alexander ran with Aunt Eileen. Justin did get some video of it, but on the REAL video camera, which is not my toy. I don't know how to retrieve the video.