Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Opportunist

Alexander likes to take advantage when he's given the opportunity to learn the secrets of life's mysteries.

Today at swim class:
Instructor: Do you guys have any questions?
Alexander: I do! Why is there a trash can shaped like a bottle here?
Instructor: That's where we put bottles to be recycled. Do you have any questions about what we learned today?

Yesterday at the Lake Festival:
Firefighter: Do you have any questions?
Alexander: Yes. Why is the smiley face on my lollipop disappearing?
Me: It's all about the lollipop!
Firefighter: (Long pause) Uh... I meant to ask if you had any questions about the fire truck.

Notice how the swim instructor, experienced with children, didn't miss a beat when Alexander asked his random question. The young firefighter was a bit thrown by what he perceived to be a very quick change of subject.

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