Monday, October 5, 2009

Field Trip!

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying Alexander on his first school field trip to the farm. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day; we could not have been luckier. I am also still thankful that I chose to put Alexander in this afternoon preschool class. It works out just okay schedule-wise, but it is awesome for things like this. With only 6 kids in the class, and no other classes going on at the same time, they really have an advantage. This afternoon 5 kids (one was sick) had the entire farm to themselves!

Welcome to Pumpkin Land! We rode the hay wagon straight to the pumpkin patch where Alexander, in typical Alexander style, followed his special drumbeat to one large green and one small white pumpkin, while his classmates all chose orange. He might not look too pleased with his selection in this particular picture, but I can assure you that he was extremely excited.

There were a ton of cool things to do at the farm. Alexander caught some air after going down a huge tube slide and then a combine slide. He really got into the hay jump and the giant sand pit.
They also rode the "moo-choo train," had a snack, rode cool trikes around a track, climbed on giant tires, and met a great variety of animals. As we have seen before, however, Alexander is not amused by farm animals, so he chose to play with some hay while the girls got llama kisses. I was secretly pleased with his choice to avoid the saliva.
It was an awesome day with Alexander's preschool class, and I am looking forward to their next field trip!

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Kathryn said...

What farm is that?, that looks like a blast!