Sunday, October 25, 2009

Get in the kitchen and make me some pie!

One of Justin's favorite foods is apple pie. I always make it for him for his birthday, and he loves the recipe that I use, even though it doesn't always turn out perfectly. He especially likes that I pour some of the sauce on top of the crust lattice so that it gets nice and crunchy.
Today he decided to make his OWN apple pie. Unfortunately, the apple corer and slicer fought back on the first apple. Poor Justin.

He claims that the problem was that neither the apple corer/slicer nor the apple were computerized. I felt bad for my bleeding sweetie, so I helped him slice the rest of the apples and mounded them in the crust for him. He did make the sauce himself and poured it in and on the pie. We haven't tasted it yet, but it looks like it will be tasty! A team effort! I also made Amish Friendship Bread today, so the house smells oh-so-sweet!


PopPop2.4 said...

Looks yummy (the pie, not the cuts on Justin's hands.)
You'd like my easy applesauce recipe. I cut up a bunch of apples, put them in the microwave for a couple of minutes until soft, then put them in the blender with some cinnamon. Tastes great, and no preservatives or extra sugar.

PopPop2.4 said...

By the way, the photo of Justin's injuries would have had more impact if you had him hiding one arm while holding up his rubber severed arm prop in the other.