Monday, October 5, 2009

Good vs. Evil?

This is just my kids being goofballs again! The other day they were trying on various costumes (this is very common in our house, as is changing our clothes multiple times per day). Jack wasn't actually playing the video game, but he often enjoys holding a controller while he watches Alexander play for a few minutes.


PopPop2.3 said...

If it were you and Justin in the costumes instead of Jack and Xander, who would be Batman/Batwoman,and who would be the devil?
Or, what costumes would you and Justin wear instead of Batman and devil?

Beth said...

What do you think this is? The newlywed game? ;) And DUH... I would be the ANGEL!

Anonymous said...

I'm too fat to be Batman... besides I prefer the Marvel Universe. Maybe I'd be the Blob haha