Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bye Bye, Summer!

Tomorrow Alexander starts kindergarten, so today is the last day of our summer vacation. We got through about 2/3 of our Summer Activity List. Since I've last blogged about it, we did #11 (write a letter), #32 (teach Jack to count to 10), #47 (send a care package to soldiers overseas), and #43 ("paint" the sidewalk with water). We've kept very busy, had a lot of fun, learned some new things, had new experiences, and connected to the community.

Since the beginning of the summer, I think Alexander has matured ever-so-slightly. He's over-the-moon about starting school tomorrow. He's learned to tie his own shoelaces, gotten new glasses, and probably grown an inch. He's got his new school shoes; his outfit is picked out; his backpacked is packed. He's visited his new classroom, met his teacher, and found his cubby and his chair. He knows one boy in his class from meeting at the playground several times, and he is excited to meet the other Alexander in his class. I believe he is ready for this new and exciting chapter in his life. I, on the other hand, am not ready in the least.

Jack has also grown this summer! He's putting together longer and more complex sentences every day and has started singing his own original songs for us just like his big brother. This summer he has learned to count to twelve and has finished learning all his shapes and colors (right down to distinguishing between dark and light). I am very excited to see how Jack will emerge as a true individual while Alexander is at school. I am looking forward to seeing him bond with friends, discover his own personal interests, and be a great big brother to Kai.

Kai's still our easy-going, happy little cutie. He's been giving me some trouble at night, but I forgive him since he's so pleasant otherwise. He loves to spend time in his exersaucer, have tummy time (yes, he is one of the few babies I have ever met that actually tolerates it quite well), and be read and sung to. He absolutely adores his brothers who enjoy "entertaining" him. He can roll over both ways and even scootch a little on his belly. Today I think he moved about 12 inches! I know this fall will be a time of great development for him!

While I am anxious (to say the least) about Alexander going off to kindergarten, I do feel that this will be an exciting fall, full of opportunities for all of us. I can't even imagine the growth, the development, the fun, and the excitement that this year will bring to our family.

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