Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Vacation Week #2

We've had another fun-filled, busy summer week! Unfortunately, I didn't catch much of our fun on camera, so if you're looking for more pictures, come back next week! ;)

Alexander started swimming lessons this week and is doing pretty well so far. We'll find out at the end of next week if he passes Level 2. I am pleased with how he has gained a lot of confidence in the water since last year. However, he isn't actually swimming yet. In fact, they don't really start to get into teaching the strokes until Level 3 and Alexander is pretty anxious to get to that, but he must first demonstrate what he is capable of in Level 2 in order to be passed.

On Monday and Tuesday Justin was still home from work for his mini-vacation, so on Monday I had the chance to take the older boys on a nice trash-walk! (#9) We found that it was much too easy to fill our trash bag, and I think we should get in the habit of bringing a trash bag with us whenever we go on walks. Later, we took Kai with us and visited the animals at the pet store. Kai was enthralled by the birds and ferrets.

Tuesday I took just the older boys to the pool (#2) and on Wednesday I took all three boys to the pool by myself for the first time. I was thrilled that I can actually manage all of them at the pool on my own this year.

On Thursday we revisited Cunningham Falls lake, which we hope to do many times this summer! Friday we made pumpkin ice cream (the kids' choice) in our ice cream maker. (#29)

On Saturday we headed up to PopPop's house (#15) for our family reunion where the boys had a wonderful time at the playground for 5 hours. Alexander asked his cousin to marry him when they grow up and we had to explain to him that he has to marry someone outside of our family. That night we caught fireflies, Alexander climbed trees (#4), and the boys camped outside with my dad (#5) to participate in the Great American Backyard Campout.

On Sunday we headed home, bought a new washing machine (yay?), and Alexander picked up and practiced in a learn-to-draw book. (#33)

It has been exhausting having this much fun, yet I hope it continues!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Vacation Week #1

Week #1 of summer vacation was really just a long weekend. Wednesday was Alexander's last day of school, but we wanted to start the summer out right!

On Thursday we hosted an impromptu costume party for our Tot Lot friends. A costume party was not on our list of things to do, but maybe it should have been!

On Friday we went to Cunningham Falls Lake (List Item #3) and had a picnic there (#39).

On Saturday we went to Dutch Wonderland (#32).

Sunday was Father's Day. We gave Justin some silly tee-shirts and his favorite breakfast fritter and spent the day recovering from all the excitement of the previous few days. I think it was quite a start to our summer and I am not sure that the rest of the summer can live up to this!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Just a couple of photos of my littlest cutie!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Alexander's Last Day of Kindergarten

I just cannot believe that already, the year has passed. Alexander is no longer a kindergartner. In only a few short weeks, he will become a "grader." Throughout this year, whenever someone would ask Alexander what grade he was in, he would say, "I am not in a grade. I am in kindergarten."

Here is Alexander on his last day of school.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Activity List

We had such success last year with our Summer Activity List that we decided we absolutely must write one up for this year. Some items are repeats, some are new. Some are my ideas, some are the kids'.

Our purpose is to always remember that we do have something better to do (than watch TV, play video games, fight with each other, etc.), to have fun, to learn, to connect with the community, and to create lasting memories. I absolutely want to have a relaxed, laid-back, stress-free summer! I just want to make sure we're also making good use of our time and not only lazing around. A certain amount of lazing is required, though!

Alexander's last day of school was yesterday and in my book, that makes today the first day of summer.

So, here is this year's list:

1. Go to the beach.
2. Go to the pool.
3. Go to the lake (Cunningham Falls).
4. Learn to climb trees.
5. Go camping.
6. Go to a Frederick Keys baseball game.
7. Go to Medieval Times.
8. Practice football.
9. Take a walk and pick up trash in our neighborhood.
10. Read 600 minutes for library summer reading program.
11. Visit the Museum of Natural History.
12. Make soft pretzels.
13. Make a family tree.
14. Visit Grandma and Grandpa.
15. Visit PopPop.
16. Go ice skating.
17. Hike the White Trail at Gambrill.
18. Paint our faces.
19. Feed birds.
20. Have a dance party.
21. Have a pajama day.
22. Teach Jack to identify all the letters.
23. Write and illustrate a book.
24. Plan a random and anonymous act of kindness for a friend.
25. Go to the bouncy place at the mall.
26. Write a letter.
27. Have a completely electronics-free day.
28. Have a star-gazing night.
29. Make ice cream.
30. Visit animals at the pet shop.
31. Go to the zoo.
32. Go to Dutch Wonderland.
33. Get a learn-to-draw book and practice.
34. Make our own pinata.
35. Go to Lurray Cavern.
36. Do sidewalk chalk.
37. Go in the sprinkler.
38. Take food to the food bank.
39. Have a picnic.
40. Play frisbee.
41. Have a water gun fight.
42. Do something kind for a stranger.
43. Ride bikes.
44. Learn some Spanish words.
45. Have our own field day games.
46. Play board games.
47. Make a Lego City.
48. Learn something new about Maryland.
49. Learn a few things about Germany and China (or other areas that our ancestors are from).
50. Have a Kids Cook day where kids must prepare all our meals.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Your daily "Aw!" brought to you by my sons Alexander and Jack:

Alexander: I have a secret that only Jack can hear.
Me: Okay, then you better whisper it in his ear.
Alexander (stage whispering into Jack's ear): I love you.
Jack: I have a secret only Alexander can hear. (stage whispers into Alexander's ear) I love you.

Do you think they're going to mind that I shared their secret?