Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Alexander quotes

Alexander, referring to running around the empty basement, chasing and wrestling with Jack: I like fun, and this is fun, so I like it.

Alexander, completely randomly: Well, if a boy and a girl are married, but they see another girl that is really pretty, that would make them want to be married to three people.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring! Pictures!

Today is the first day of Spring 2010 and what an absolutely gorgeous day it was. We stayed out of the house for about 7 hours because we were trying to stay out from underfoot of our soon-to-be-ex-roommate who started moving out today. We mostly ran errands but also had plenty of time to run around outside. We visited a playground near our old house and found that it had been completely redone. It was a really cool playground and the kids especially liked this spiderweb climber. I just thought I'd share a couple of photos in case you'd forgotten what they look like!

Can we say "WHALE?"... and can we say "RUDE?"

Cashier to me: Due any day?
Me: I still have about a month.
Cashier: Whoa. How many are in there? Two or three?
Me: Just the one.
Cashier: Whoa, that is going to be a big baby!
Me: Yep.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Me too!

Me: What kind of job do you want to do when you grow up, Alexander?

Alexander: I want to spend money on a computer.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Boy or Girl?!?!

Before Justin and I were told the sex of the baby, plenty of people asked if we had a gender preference. I would say, "If we had to choose, we'd choose a girl since we already have two boys. But, three boys would be a ton of fun, too." Of course that was mostly just to cover my bases in case it was a boy, because I wasn't quite as non-chalant as I pretended to be. I badly wanted a girl!

I was surprised that when the sonographer pronounced the baby a boy at 16 weeks gestation, I just laughed. I wasn't disappointed at all. And soon after we were told that we were having our third boy, I was already getting attached to the idea, to Kai. So, when people would ask how I felt about having three boys, I would say, "I wanted a girl at first, but I think that now if they suddenly told me it was a girl, I would actually be disappointed."

I'd just really gotten into picturing my life with three boys. Three little guys wrestling in the playroom, comparing pictures of three little guys at the same age wearing the same hand-me-down outfit, three little guys dressed identically for professional photos, etc. I even got to picturing myself with three tall, grown, handsome young men who would (I hope!) still retain a bit of their "Mama's boys" personas and dote on Dear Old Mom just a little bit. I'd come to really, really love the idea of three sons. Of course there were times, looking at the little girls we hang around sometimes, or seeing girl clothes in the store, or hearing that another pregnant mom found out her baby was a girl that I'd wonder if I'd really be happier with a girl. I've always, always wanted a little girl.

The other day at my OBGYN appointment, the doctor was doing a sonogram to check the level of fluid around the baby. He asked, "Do you know if you're having a boy or girl?" I replied, "Yes, a boy." The doctor scanned around a little more, then asked, "Uhhh.... wait. What did you say you think you're having?!" I think my heart must have started racing a little. "A boy??" I repeated."Oh," he answered,"I thought I heard you say you thought you were having a girl. It's definitely a boy!"

And, without thinking, I quickly responded, "Geez, don't scare me like that!"

WHAT?!?! I mean... I did predict that I would be disappointed if I were to find out that Kai was actually a girl, but I guess I didn't even believe myself completely until this happened.

So, YES, I am really, really happy to be having another boy. NO, I wouldn't trade any of them for a girl. And no, I don't even feel the tug to try one more time for a girl. What a joy my boys are. I love my three sons! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I apologize if my kid annoys you, but...

Ever been out somewhere, possibly somewhere child-centric such as a playground, and been approached by that kid? That kid who I'm referring to is probably between 4 and 8 years old and knows how to talk. He (Okay, let's not get into the pronoun thing here. I almost have three boys. This could easily be a girl. I'm using "he." Get over it.) knows how to talk and he wants to talk to you about everything. Forever. And ever.

Alexander is that kid.

Today at the playground, upon seeing that there were some folks there that we didn't know, he exclaimed, "Look, Mom! It looks like I am going to get to make new friends!" and promptly approached some potential targets. "Hi, I'm Alexander. What's your name?... What's the baby's name?... How old is his brother?... My little brother's name is Jack and my mom's name is Miss Beth and that guy over there is my PopPop.... I am a good climber like the baby.... It's always good to make new friends!"

I have to admit that I have sometimes been annoyed by that kid. I have wondered, "Geez, kid, are you so desperate for attention that you have to talk to strangers? Don't your parents ever talk to you? What makes me look like I want to come out of my shell and talk to you?" Obviously I would never say anything like that to that kid, and in fact have conducted quite a few uncomfortable (on my part) conversations with that kid. Often that kid is rather imaginative and actually tells some interesting stories. Alexander's one of those.

In any case, I am sorry if my kid annoys you. I empathize. It can be weird to be approached so openly by a complete stranger of any age, especially if you're "reserved" like me or downright shy. However, unless my child is actually being rude in any way, I don't intend to discourage this behavior. I want him to see the world as a friendly place. I think life is probably easier for outgoing people (and I think his almost painfully shy dad would agree). I love that Alexander's comfortable enough with himself to approach people and make new friends. He's learning to be an independent, self-assured, self-reliant little man. So again, I apologize to you (and the random target at the park today) if he makes you uncomfortable, but I just refuse to squelch his enthusiasm. You're an adult (I assume). If you want or need to end the conversation, use your words. I promise, if he doesn't get the hint, I'll step in.

[On the off-chance that someone is now concerned for Alexander's (or that kid's) safety, given that they're so comfortable talking to strangers, I can assure you that at least in Alexander's case, he is always well supervised. Also, based on too much true-crime TV, I'm pretty sure that child abducters don't want that kid. He's too fiesty.]

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Alexander: Hey, Mom! Did you know that if you rip a chicken's leg off and then cook it, it turns into chicken?

Thursday, March 4, 2010


No, this is not related to snow...

Me: Jack, what's in here? *Points to belly*
Jack: Kai Baby.
Me: Yeah! He is still growing. Soon you will have two brothers. Alexander is one brother, and Kai will be another brother for you.
Jack: Thank you.
Me: *Melts a little.* Are you going to kiss Kai?
Jack: Yeah!
Me: Are you going to hug Kai?
Jack: Yeah!
Me: Are you going to share your toys with Kai?
Jack: YEAH!
Me: Hmmm... sometimes Kai might cry.
Jack: Aw, man! *Looks devastated.*
Me: *Melts more.*