Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An Atypical Homeschool Day

I haven't blogged about a typical homeschool day in quite a while, and I'll keep it in the back of my mind to do it fairly soon, since I know how curious y'all are. This post is about this past Monday, when we were all set to go to the Crayola Experience. It's been on our schedule for quite a while, marked as "field trip" on the kids' calendar. But Monday morning as we were starting to get ready, I had this feeling I should check the website to make sure they'd be open. I vaguely remembered something about them being closed on certain weekdays, except in summer. Sure enough, Crayola was closed. I had to break it gently to the kids and decided that since the field trip to Crayola would have been considered a school day, we could find some fun things to do instead of breaking out the heavy academics. We decided to make it a PE and Art Day.

We had recently, accidentally, ended up at a local park area which boasts an "Interpretive Trail." The kids had wanted to check it out, but like I said, we were there accidentally, and had our true destination to get to. (I was lost. With a GPS.) So, the Interpretive Trail was first on our list for PE and Art Day. There were stations along the way to teach us about biofilters, habitats, geology, and more. There was a giant "bird's nest." I'm not sure how much of the information the kids actually digested, but hey, it was still PE!
Afterwards, we found a shady picnic spot.
Our next stop was playground time for more PE. By the time we left, we had racked up about four hours of PE between the trail and the playground!
Finally, we made our way home for Art. Free Choice Painting.
Sometimes it's fun to have an atypical homeschool day.

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