Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Fun: Movie Night

I wanted to make a real effort to make Spring Break extra fun for my kids, because I know that soon we will be somewhat restricted with our activities due to having a newborn. One activity that the kids were the most excited about was to have a movie night with friends. So we invited three families of our friends (who also happen to be neighbors) over for pizza and a movie (and popcorn in the lunch bags). The kids were totally thrilled and completely adorable. We had these eight big kids who actually sat and watched the movie, plus three toddlers who roamed and played. The moms were able to relax and chat a bit, too. It was a great success and something we absolutely must repeat!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break Fun: Egg Hunt

Every year since we've moved to Frederick, we've had an Easter Egg Hunt with our Tot Lot friends. This year we had gorgeous weather and the kids had fun as usual. Kai was especially excited to be searching for CANDY! He had to be reminded to just stick the eggs in his bag and go for more, or he probably would have stopped after each egg in order to eat the candy!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jack's Field Trip to Fountain Rock

Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying Jack on a preschool field trip to Fountain Rock Nature Center. They saw a presentation called "Going Buggy," all about different sorts of bugs. The kids were hilariously obsessed with stinkbugs, and learned that in some areas, people actually cook and eat stink bugs. The cooking apparently gets rid of the smell. Jack actually took in a lot of information from the presentation and has been sharing it with Alexander over the past few days. Most interesting to him were the ways in which different bugs protect themselves.

After the presentation, the kids had time to explore the nature center and take a walk to look for bugs and signs of bugs. It was a nice time, especially to have something special for Jack and me to do together before the baby is born.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spirit Week: Crazy Hair Day

The week before Spring Break at Alexander's school is Spirit Week, and his favorite theme was Crazy Hair Day. I let him get some red spray this year. He was thrilled.