Sunday, December 26, 2010


Uncle Matt and Uncle Harry got our family some really cool gifts this year, as usual. We received several books with ideas, projects, and experiments for things to do, build, explore, etc. They also got us an ice cube tray that will make brain-shaped ice, which is right up our alley. The last present that we opened from them was something that I think only some uncles would get for their nephews! This is something that might just scare a parent off, but it was, as the package promised, mess-free and totally fun.

H2Goo! Turn your bath into blue goo! Jack wasn't overly thrilled with the experience as I suppose the texture is a little odd, but Alexander was totally into it.

Kai looked on with amusement,

decided to climb into HIS tub,

and was launched into flight.

Fun night! Thanks, bros!


We had another wonderful Christmas and this year was special since it was Kai's first Christmas. We spent the morning with just our little nuclear family, opening Santa gifts and playing with new toys. Alexander loves his new scooter! Jack's favorites were his new Yoshi and Princess Peach figurines and his Toy Story 3 Landfill set. Kai desperately just wanted to eat wrapping paper.

In the afternoon we were joined by my dad (PopPop), my aunt Eileen, and Justin's mom (Grandma), who were all very generous with us and the kids. I roasted a turkey for the first time in my life and I managed not to poison anyone (Alexander WAS a bit ill, but it was not turkey-related). Justin battled his new Rubik's Cube with fierce determination. It was a wonderful day and family and fun.

December 24

Christmas Eve! We're all in our underwear with presents... what could they be?

Pajamas from Mom and Dad!

Star Wars Legos for Alexander:

Super Mario Brothers (with Bowser!) for Jack and Christmas/monkey for Kai:

Now off to bed so that Santa can come!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My face!

I LOVE this. HILARIOUS. I was just looking at old photos that my dad had posted on Facebook when Alexander entered the room. He saw this (not too flattering) picture of me at around 10 or 11 years old and said, "Hey, that girl has my face!"
When I explained that this was a photo of me and that this was why people always said he looked like me, he finally understood (he would always say typical kid stuff like, "But Mommy is a girl and has long hair.") and said, "Oh yeah! We have the same face!"

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Kai says, "Thanks, Mom, for finally giving me some food I can sink my teeth into... I mean my gums."
Ritz crackers and bananas.
Mmmmm, that's the stuff.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hangin' with the Claus's

Partied with Santa and Mrs. Claus today. Cookies, juice, reindeer games, crafts, sitting on the big guy's lap... Ya know, all the good stuff! :) This year Jack even talked to Santa instead of screaming or simply looking sullen. We love these yearly visits with Santa!

Quote of the day:
Alexander: Mommy, Santa sounds like Hagrid!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekends are the best!

Why are weekends the best? Because Daddy is here, of course!
So we can work with Daddy:

Take naps with Daddy:

Oh, no! The flash woke me up.

No pictures!

This weekend we also baked Christmas cookies! Of course the sugar cookies that we rolled, cut, and decorated were the most fun to make, but they're all fun to eat. :)

I also got a little creative with some pancakes. It's weird how much more of something kids will eat when it's shaped like something (not that I have trouble getting them to eat pancakes... just sayin')!

This baby is just too cute not to photograph relentlessly:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What we've been up to lately

Over the weekend, I took Alexander ice skating for the first time. He had earned a "HERO Slip" at school that came with a coupon for free skating, plus another that came with a coupon for free ice cream, so the two of us made a date of it. Alexander was very nervous and shaky the first time around the rink and I was actually a little surprised that he didn't bail out right away, but he didn't hesitate to say that he wanted to go around again. He was able to let go of the wall for a few rounds, but he never let go of my hand. Still, it was great for his first time and it was nice to have some special time with him.

We also decorated gingerbread houses again for the third year. This year we got a gingerbread village, which was neat. Each of us got our own house to decorate. Alexander was pleased that his was the "sloppiest," and repeatedly told us that looking at his house would cause us to lose our minds. Jack enjoyed himself and ate quite a bit of candy.

Every night before I go to bed, I look in on Alexander and Jack. The other night, I found them fast asleep with hats on. When I asked Alexander about it in the morning, he explained that those were their "nightcaps." Cuties.

"Climbing the Daddy Mountain" is also a favorite pass time.
And lastly, check out the brotherly love. (And strength! That's 22 pound baby!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the Season

As is tradition in our family, we spent part of the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas and putting up our Christmas tree. It looks like a mediocre fake tree with too few ornaments but plenty of lights, decorated by a 5 and 3-year-old, which means it's not winning any contests. It's mediocrity is only enhanced by the fact that it spends most of it's time partly hidden by a make-shift baby-blockade. But it makes us quite happy and it'll give Santa a good place to deposit some gifts, and that's what's really important, right? ;) The kids behaved themselves while we braved the aisles of Walmart that morning and they earned themselves $1 Santa hats, so we tried for some pictures and got some that... accurately represent my children.