Friday, June 27, 2008

Digital photos/ One year ago today

While uploading the pictures for the two blogs below, I realized that I have not gotten pictures printed for over a year! Whoa! Do you get your digital photos printed or just let them languish in cyberspace like me?

One year ago today, Justin's company hosted a huge carnival. It was really, really cool. Alexander got his face painted like a clown, rode the horses, the train, and every kiddie ride they had. However, it was THE hottest day of the summer and I was 6 months pregnant and (can you tell from the picture?) a little uncomfortable.

Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

Today we spent a pleasant day at Cunningham Falls State Park celebrating our little friend Aubrey's second birthday. It was just gorgeous there, and the kids (and I!) had an excellent time. It was good to see so many Tot Lot friends today! Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

More art

I just couldn't resist posting another of Alexander's recent drawings. I find it intriguing because up until a few weeks ago, he RARELY drew anything recognizable (although there was a rather interesting "baby" soon after Jack was born). However, it seems as if a switch simply went off in his head, and all of a sudden he realizes that he can actually make fairly good, purposeful representations of things. He especially loves to draw bunnies, and I really like this one because it has arms and legs.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Crawling Races

Alexander and Jack both think it is hilarious for Alexander to pretend to be a baby and to have "crawling races" from Alexander's bedroom to the master bedroom (and back!). GO BABIES!

"Uncle Tim with Flower"

Have you met Uncle Tim? This is exactly what he looks like in real life. Amazing art, Alexander! ;)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brennan!

Today we had the pleasure of celebrating Brennan's birthday with him at the lovely Black Hill Regional Park. Brennan is FOUR! Happy Birthday, Brennan! You are such a big, mature, and handsome boy!

We were joined by the lovely Miss Ava and her Mommy. Ava and Alexander really have the best time together. Alexander has a lot of fun with other kids, and will even tell you that Kyle is actually his best friend, but there is something about Alexander and Ava together that's just joyful. Maybe it's their giggle-fests. Maybe it's the way that almost every time they see each other, they give each other hugs so big that they both fall over. Maybe it's because they're both the biggest 3 year old spazzes I've ever met! Hee hee! They weren't much into having their pictures taken today, but don't be fooled by the serious faces. These kids are CRAZY!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A twin for Jack

As a stay-at-home mom, I've been lucky to have been entrusted with extra kids from time to time. When Alexander was about 16 months old, I watched our good friend Alex a few days a week for a few months. A few months later, I started watching another good friend, Ava, a few days a week for about a year. I loved having the extra kid around because it gave Alexander a playmate and someone to practice sharing with. I always found it a little strange, though, that when I would take the kids out (either pair), people would assume they were twins. Besides the fact that these are all Caucasian kids of approximately the same age, they really look nothing alike!

So, if people thought those kids were twins, people are really going to think that Jack and Piper are twins! Piper is my friend Melissa's daughter, who I will be watching from time to time this summer, and possibly more frequently come fall. I'm excited for Jack to have a playmate close to his own age, as Piper is just 3 months older than him. By the way, Happy Birthday again, Piper!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Welcome to the Show

It's about time for a "showing" of Alexander's recent art. He's adopted a really cool new technique, which involves plenty of connected lines, many bunnies, and a few things we can even recognize! It's unfortunate that I did not catch a photo of the peice Alexander sent home with my dad. He claimed it was a "zombie ghost." Um... okay.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and especially to those I celebrated with today. I am grateful to have grown up around my Grandpa N., who called me "Angel" and gave me "ay-ays" with his beard. I'm better for having known adventure with my Grandpop B. who pushed my brother and me to ride the entire OC, NJ boardwalk on our bikes and who let me "walk on water" on his shoulders at the lake. I'm forever grateful to my dad, who's always been there for me and my family, who does the right thing, who's almost always right, and who (let's face it) managed to turn out one fine daughter! ;) Those are the men who showed me what a father should be and how I know that Justin, too, deserves to be honored this day. Those boys' faces simply light up when they see their Daddy! I picked a GOOD one! :)

We celebrated today with homemade gifts for all the dads. My dad (PopPop) got an Alexander original birdhouse, Justin's dad (Grandpa) got an Alexander original model tri-plane, and Justin got an Alexander and Jack collaborative original stepping stone. I contributed dinner, finished off with an apple pie which looked seriously picture perfect but tasted only mediocre. Better next time!

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We love to swim!

I wish that I could post some pictures of the kids having fun at the pool, but that would entail TAKING pictures of the kids having fun a the pool, a virtually impossible task while supervising them having fun at the pool. SO! In leiu of said pictures, I have pictures of them AFTER having fun at the pool! Check out those hairdos! (I promise to make an effort to post about things other than hair soon, less this become a "hair blog.)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Xander wisdom

Alexander: Mommy, does Chuck E Cheese have Mickey Mouse ears because he is a mouse, too?

Justin (when leaving for work this morning): Bye, Alexander. Bye, Jack. Bye, Wifey.
Alexander: Mommy, Daddy thinks you are a Wifey, but you are a Mommy because I need a Mommy.

Friday, June 6, 2008

More Blondies

My dad said I should post a picture of myself when I was young, to show that I too was a blondie. So was Justin, so it's no surprise that our kids are/were. Here's me (little drummer girl) with my brother and Justin with his sister. Blondies! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


We've been getting a lot of comments lately about how blond Jack's hair is. It really is quite blond! Here's a picture of Alexander, 5 months old, with blond hair as well! My boys are like little chameleons, both born with blue eyes and black hair, and if Alexander is the example, then they will both end up brown hair and eyes, first progressing through blond hair and hazel eyes!

Below I've put Alexander and Jack next to each other, making similar facial expressions to see how much they look alike. Is there anyone that can't tell who is who? ;) They're pretty different!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Not the Mama!"

"Not the Mama!"

"Not the Mama!"

"Better, but still not the Mama!"

"Ahhh... Now that's what I'm talkin' about."

Strawberry Picking

Last week we went strawberry picking with our friends Alex and Cory, who were escorted by their Mommy and grandma. Alexander was super excited to pick the strawberries, but not so quick on the draw. I felt like we had a mega ton of strawberries... until we ate half of them just on the ride home! YUM. Fresh picked is definately best!

I can't believe it's already time for this

It's already time for the "look how messy my kid can get eating spaghetti" picture (and by the way, although it looks like most of it is on his face, he ate rather a LOT of it!). Before I know it, I'll blink and it will be time for the "first day of school" photo, and then "kid in a silly school play" photo, and then the "first formal dance" photo, and then the "graduating from high school" photo and then the "moving into his own apartment" photo! Booo! But for now... isn't he cute?