Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ocean City, New Jersey 2014

Watch out, Ocean City, Maryland! We are starting to get used to Ocean City, New Jersey! We had a great time last year and repeated that again this year. We love going to the beach in September! It's less crowded, less hot, and less expensive, which all adds up to more fun! We even rented the exact same beach house as last year. We got to hang out with Justin's parents for the first few days, including some pool time, some beach time, and some playground time. Next, my dad came for a few days, and then we chilled with just each other for a few days.

We spent plenty of time on the beach, where all of my boys demonstrated absolutely no fear of the ocean. The shovels I bought for them last year continue to be a great investment. They could just dig and dig for hours. One day, Alexander dug himself a hole right up close to the ocean, buried himself, and just lounged there for almost an hour, relaxing. Upon arriving at the beach, we discussed which ocean we were looking at, where we would land if we sailed across it, and what sand is made of. Thus, I decided it was an educational trip and should be counted as school days. (Kidding!)
We managed to plan better this year, so we were able to get to the boardwalk rides when they were actually open. Again, the kids had no fear. Jack, Kai, and Noah were all right on the height marks for the next "level" of rides, so each of them were riding rides they were just barely tall enough for. I could not believe the rides that especially Noah, my baby was able to get on. They were all in heaven.
We also spent plenty of time at the local playgrounds, wandering the boardwalk, playing miniature golf, and playing games at the beach house.
I'll miss you until next year, Atlantic Ocean!!

*Disclaimer: The photos are a mix of those taken by me, Justin, and my dad. 

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