Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Mommy Stuff

I've talked a lot about the funny things Alexander says, or the way he says certain things, but here are some "Mommyisms":

I should start by explaining that we now allow Alexander to play an hour of video games per day instead of watching an hour of TV. We figure his brain is more active playing a video game than watching TV, plus he's gaining hand-eye coordination. Also, he doesn't ask for snacks or juice while playing video games! Sure, NO screen time would probably be best, but come on- the kid doesn't go to preschool. Am I supposed to entertain him ALL day? He usually plays Super Mario Sunshine, which is pretty age appropriate, but Mario can't survive everything you put him through.

SO... instead of "You died," we say, "You lost your turn."

Instead of "You're running out of life," we say, "You're running out of energy."

Instead of, "Those koopas can kill you," we say, "Those koopas can make you lose your turn."

It's a delicate line we walk! ;)

And here is my Mommy confession for the day, in the form of a conversation:

Alexander: Ow! I scratched my face!
Me: We really need to cut your nails.
A: NO!
Me: But you just scratched your face. Your nails are too long!
A: NO! (runs away)
Me: Alexander, we need to cut your nails or you won't be able to play Mario because your nails will scratch the controller, too.
A: Nuh uh.
Me: Yeah, your nails will get in the way and you won't be able to use the controller so well.
A: Okay, you can cut my nails, but I want you to sing a song while you do it.

Yeah, I'm evil. And now there's a record of it.


ZhaoKids said...

I think it's smart move to get his nails cut

Anonymous said...

We do stuff like that ALL THE TIME. We're all evil, methinks.

My latest mean mommy thing is that if she isn't doing something she's supposed to (like cleaning up) or she's being bad (hitting me), I threaten to take a toy away and put it on top of the refrigerator.

She cries so much when I put Sammy Spider or Knuffle Bunny up there for a day :(