Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recipe Test #5

Tonight we tested another of Mara's recipes. I think Mara deserves extra points for taking advantage of the fact that I didn't specify one recipe per entrant. ;)

Thai Curry
1 1/2 tablespoons of curry paste (green, red, or yellow)
A protein (chopped chicken, beef, fish, or tofu)
Chopped stirfry vegetables (napa cabbage, broccoli, peppers, squash,
carrots, eggplant...)
6 oz. of coconut milk
12 oz. of veggie broth
2 tablespoons of fish sauce
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
a pinch of salt
A handful of fresh basil leaves (optional)

Add the curry paste to a pan with some hot oil, and squish it against
the bottom for a minute or two until it smells yummy, then add the
protein if it's chicken or beef, and any hard vegetables. Let those cook
for a few minutes, then add any soft vegetables and the protein if it's
fish or tofu. Let that cook for a few minutes, then add the coconut milk
and veggie broth. Let that simmer for about 10 minutes. Then turn off
the heat, add the fish sauce, brown sugar, and salt. Then throw in the
fresh basil leaves.

I especially recommend green curry and chicken, with napa cabbage,
carrots, and yellow squash. But you can really use whatever veggies and
protein you have.

I followed Mara's recommendation and used the green curry paste, chicken, napa cabbage, carrots, and yellow squash. With her approval, I used these amounts: 1 pound chicken, 3 very small squash, and approximately equal (to the squash) amounts of carrots and cabbage. She also approved serving it over rice or rice noodles, and I chose rice.

This was pretty good, although I was expecting more of the curry taste that I am used to in Indian curry. The chicken, which had most of the curry flavor on it, was definitely what I was looking for. I would like to try this again using more curry paste and perhaps less (or none? Would this kill it, Mara?) of the fish sauce. Alexander ate everything except the squash (strange, since he usually likes squash). Jack ate a few bites of rice and was done, but that is because today was his turn to be too busy being a maniac to eat. Justin and I cleared our plates, as usual! ;)

Thanks again, Mara!

Oh, and for those of you who are anxious for a winner, I believe I have 5 more recipes to test, so I think we can have a winner by the end of this month.

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Anonymous said...

Thai curry is a bit different than Indian curry. It's more...delicate, I suppose.

If you want more flavor, definitely go for more curry paste, but I don't recommending cutting back on fish sauce, as that's pretty important :) You could also add a little lime juice or some chili-garlic sauce.