Monday, March 2, 2009


I am proud to announce that this morning, Jack spontaneously signed his first sentence: "Read book." We were relaxing on the couch before Alexander woke up, and he suddenly started signing. At first I didn't understand and asked him what he wanted. He got up and started walking towards the shelf. I said, "Oh! Do you want to read a book?" and he grabbed a couple of books and brought them back to me. Then I asked him, "Can you sign 'book?'" and he signed it the way he had a few minutes before. Same with "read." This was especially surprising since he had never used either of those signs before, although I've showed them to him often. This is sort of his M.O., though, to do things later than Xander did, but to do them suddenly, more completely, without practice. Interestingly, Alexander's first sentence was also signed as opposed to spoken. He signed "More eat." I'm super excited about Jack progress this morning, since in the past 3 months he has added NO spoken words to his vocabulary, and up until this morning, he had added no signs in the past 3 months, either. Perhaps this is the beginning of a "spurt." I hope so!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Jack! That's very cool. Maybe he can give me a signing refresher? I've forgotten almost everything!