Saturday, September 13, 2014

Catching Up: July

When I lived in Rockville with my dad and brother, I earned the distinction for using each of the three bedrooms in the house that weren't the master. I just liked switching things up! I hope my poor children aren't disturbed by bedroom inconsistency, because I seem to be continuing the practice. This room will be the office! No, now it will be Alexander's room. Now it will be Jack's room. And now we will move. Now Alexander will be here and Jack will be here. Hmmm. No, now Alexander will be in this room instead and Jack will be here. Now they will be together! And Kai will be here! No, there! And on... and on... and on. It hasn't stopped in this house, either. We started out with Alexander and Jack in one room, Kai in the second, and Noah in the master with me. Then we moved Kai in with the big boys and Noah into the second room. Later, we moved Kai back into the second room with Noah. This July we decided to move all four boys into the master. The room is big enough that we can fit two bunk beds (right now it's one bunk bed, one twin, and one toddler mattress on the floor), and four dressers. They seem to enjoy being together and they've actually gained some nice floor space to put together train tracks. They have a nice big closet where they can shove all of their dress-up clothes, and they have two sinks that they can nasty up with their toothpaste without bothering us adults. We'll see how well they like living dorm style as they get older, but it's working well for now.

Also in July, I took the boys down to Maryland for a visit with friends. It was our longest visit yet, and I love that they are getting big enough that I can manage something like this a little easier. Not easy, but easier. We visited some of our old favorite playgrounds, our favorite lake (which happens to be one of my "happy places"), saw some good friends, had a great pool fun day with my aunt, and the big boys even got to go to a minor league baseball game. We'll see you again soon, Maryland!

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